AB SOFORT! Tara McCartney

Electrician installing solar street lights in Tirmasahun, India. Photo by United for Hope.

As of now, the people of Tirmasahun walk their streets illuminated at night by solar power. New Impact Hub Member Tara and her NGO „United for Hope“ help to develop rural, Indian villages. Constructing infrastructure (sanitation, clean water, energy & education) under participation of the community and creating alternative livelihoods are the main pillars of her work. For United for Hope, Tara is looking for a dedicated co-pilot with managerial experience who is interested in building up an NGO and shares her enthusiasm for India and development work.
Apart from her non-profit, Tara is currently building up her entrepreneurial spin-off in ethical textile trading. After her travels to India in March and April, which you’ll be able to follow via Facebook, she is going to be piloting her entrepreneurial approach. Very exciting, we’ll stay tuned!

Tara will be back to the Impact Hub in April. In the meantime you can get in touch via email.