#HumansOfImpactHub: Fran Caye

„I come from Porto Alegre, Brasil, a city of 2 million people. Now I live in Dietersheim – ­ a bavarian village of around 1600 inhabitants. How comes?

Well, when I first went to Europe in 2013, I already had a feeling that I might not return to Brasil. Anyway I did, mainly because my boyfriend was still there. Instead, we decided to move to Europe together. We wanted to go to Berlin, because that’s where designers and creative people go. But one of my boyfriend’s friends offered us to stay with him, so that’s what we did and are doing still. He lives in Dietersheim and I didn’t know him before. When we arrived at the airport where he picked us up, I realised: ‘Wow, I have a new friend, I live in a new house and in a new country, with a language I don’t speak, and that’s what it’s gonna be like, starting today.’

What I like about Dietersheim is that there are plenty of fields to pick flowers from and it is in the middle of nature, where I can practice aerobatics or take a ride with my bike. This is when I can reorganize my thoughts and let my mind flow free, which is important when you work as a designer or with creativity.

I have the feeling that here in Germany it is easier to get people enthusiastic about new and unconventional approaches in design. Somehow people are very open­-minded. For now, I don’t think we’ll be moving back to Brasil.“

Our series ‪#‎humansofimpacthub‬ regularly features people from the Impact Hub Munich environment and their personal stories.