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Yes, we got it.. we can do that! The only question is: How concretely? Questions like these need to be answered collectively. On local level, nationally and in the European context, but first and foremost together with those concerned: the refugees.

The unprecedented influx of people, many of whom are vulnerable individuals seeking international protection, presents a challenge for every country in Europe not only in terms of their immediate reception, but also in terms of their longer term integration in society. It poses challenges upon Europe but it also brings new potentials, since refugees and migrants come with knowledge and experiences that make them potential entrepreneurs and innovators. To harness these potentials, innovative and creative approaches are needed, that enable refugees to contribute to the social, economic, cultural and political life. Europe has always had a history of diversity that shaped our common values and collective identity, as well as strengthened our workforce.


To pave the way for initiatives that foster our ‘Integrated Futures’ the European Commission set their annual European Social Innovation Competition under that very theme. The competition has been organized since 2012 in memory of Diogo Vasconcelos. It is calling on Europeans to come up with solutions to the problems affecting our society and is seeking to incentivize ideas and unearth newcomers, both individuals and organizations, that want to explore social innovation.
The title ‘Integrated Futures’ represents the intermingling of our individual and collective roles in shaping new and inclusive communities across Europe. We can only effectively shape our common future in collaboration, both across geographical borders, communities and between established and grass-roots organizations. The Competition seeks for innovations in products, technologies, services and models that can support the integration of refugees and migrants. The ideas revolve around education and skill development, access to appropriate housing and health services, safety and human rights, community cohesion and cultural diversity etc. To foster the focus on collaboration, ideas that are developed by or co-created with refugees are especially welcomed.

This is just the entrepreneurial approach that we love at the Impact Hub. We can achieve much more in collaboration and co-creation with the global community than alone. Therefore, we want to carry this message into our community and encourage you to contribute your ideas. Until April 8th the application process is still open and you have the opportunity to become a shaping part of Europe’s future. So, be quick!

Innovation is about ideas in action – don’t leave yours on the shelf!

Thirty of the most promising ideas will proceed to the semi-finale and will be invited to the Social Innovation Academy in Berlin in July. The teams can present and refine their concepts before eventually presenting it to the jury. Finally, there are three 50.000 EUR prizes waiting the winning projects.

Join an optimistic movement, we’re shaping solutions for the future!


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