Eight Billion Lives will be living on this planet by 2025, at least that is what the very likely prognosis says. That will challenge our status quo, it will challenge cities as a place to live and it will most definitely challenge the existing form of consumption in terms of waste and especially food. Eight Billion Lives will challenge us and for that reason we challenged eight teams during the last 3 months to seek for ways to improve future livelihoods in the face of population growth. On Thursday April 7, this 3-months cohort phase reached its summit in the final jury panel and awarded the four winning teams. They are now Impact Hub Fellows and will get full support and mentoring from both the Impact Hub Munich and Munich Re to scale their impact and eventually make a difference.


But before that, there was a long and exciting journey. It started off as ideas and visions about how a better world could look like and developed into a stage where the teams have a concrete business model, are in the process of company foundation or have already founded. The initial ideas have developed into physical or digital products, that where tested in Germany or other parts of the world. From a starting team of only a few visionaries most of the teams grew along the way and have now interns, additional members and valuable investors. A huge challenge during that process was to find people who share their values, says Mark from Useley. It seems that the whole topic of values and principles was a big issue during the intense growth phase over the last 3 months. Am I still true to my values and principles when I take this path? How does a sustainable balance between growth and impact look like?
When working on something big and mighty, such as changing the world for the better, it gets hard to focus from time to time. Narrowing the big vision down to goals and action steps, was a challenge for many teams in the beginning. The community, the structure of the Fellowship and the strict timeline was very helpful during that process.

Throughout the cohort phase, different event formats were designed to encouraged the team’s interaction and collaboration. Every third week a Peer2Pree session, that was meanly designed as an open space was the main driver for co-creation. Within these sessions the teams collectively solved team’s challenges, provided valuable feedback and enabled networking.

Apart from that four speed workshops with meaningful content supported the team’s development. These workshops covered the following topics:

  1. Crowdfunding with Markus Sauerhammer from startnext
  2. Impact Investement with Dr. Bernd Klosterkemper from Social Venture Fund
  3. Theory of Change with Odin Muehlbein from Ashoka
  4. Impact Measurement IOOI Standard with Anne Dörner from Social Entrepreneurship Akademie

It makes us very happy to see that such a great amount of energy was put into the cohort phase and that every team came such a long way. Now this journey has come to a changing point as only four teams can continue.

On Thursday, April 7 a Jury of 5 members examined the teams to the fullest. The jury consisted of:


We are thrilled to announce the four new Impact Hub Fellows:



Find more information about the new Impact Hub Fellows here!


After having taken that hurdle, the teams are becoming Fellows and are moving forward with their ventures.
Next step: Incubation Phase!

The goal for the Fellows during the nine-month incubation phase is to build a management team, develop and test a prototype, secure additional funding as well as customer contacts and, if appropriate, found a legal entity. The Fellows will be supported by significant seed funding, connections to peer entrepreneurs, coaches, and other valuable contacts. To facilitate the start-up of a thriving social business, the Fellows will receive focused skill development and access to a vibrant community of change-makers in an inspiring work atmosphere.




On the Eight Billion Lives Fellowship: In 2025, around eight billion people will live on our planet. Together with Munich Re, Impact Hub Munich are looking for the best ideas to shape a sustainable planet in the face of an ever rising world population. The Fellowship “Eight Billion Lives” offers aspiring social entrepreneurs support to launch and accelerate their ventures. “Eight Billion Lives” aims to enable social entrepreneurs in one of the following two fields: 1) Urbanisation and 2) Food Production and Consumption.

Full information can be found here.