The World Responsible Leaders Forum is a conference format by the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt that brings together leaders from all over the world. The element that links its various activities is responsible leadership. It is directed at the some 2,000 individuals who have participated in one of our previous Young Leaders programs or other core formats of the BMW Foundation. The alumni of these programs formed the BMW Foundation Responsible Leaders Network. Within this network they support each other and work together on sustainable social or ecological projects, often across professional or sectoral boundaries. The conference hosts people like Gonzalo Munoz (TriCiclos), Joana Breidenbach (, Joel Bashevkin (founder of Taproot Foundation), or Vincent Zimmer (Kiron University).


This summer’s WRLF took place at the Wappenhalle in Munich. As a strategic partner of the BMW Foundation, we as global Impact Hub received exposure in multiple ways:
25 Leaders visited Impact Hub Munich on Friday, receiving firsthand experience of the core pillars of Impact Hub: Community, Collaboration and economy for the common good. On Saturday we were one of three global organizations taking part in the Commitment Pitches. We had the chance to receive live commitments from over 600 participants who could pledge support to us globally (e.g. network, know-how, financial ways).
Last but not least we as Impact Hub Munich had the honor to facilitate the only Co-Creation format during the whole conference. We invited participants to collaborate around solutions and initiatives that emerge at the forum. It was an opportunity to pitch ideas and projects and solicit real-time collaborative engagement from across the network or join in generating solutions for the pitched project of your choosing. We hosted 16 conversations bringing forward topics like:


Perry Gladstone (Freedom Fighter @ Perry Gladstone Consulting Ltd.)
Despots, Dictators and Dummies: How to be a Hero in a F’d-up World

Tara McCartney (Founder & CEO @ United for Hope)
How can we involve men in women’s empowerment projects?

Alexander Nick (Director Sustainability @ BMW Group)
Towards Sustainable Lifestyles. The potential of Nudges and Gamification

Tarek Alsaleh (Founder & Programme Director @ Bidna Capoeira)
Where can you find hope in the Middle East? …Ask these Kids


For us it was a true pleasure to boost this important forum with our Global Community and intense Collaboration!


Further on, you can see some impressions of the day. In the videos, the Responsible Leaders were asked to express what they have learned in the co-creation or other sessions, or just have fun. Can you guess what their session were about?

Photos by Joerg Koch/BMW Stifrung Herbert Quandt