Do you remember the Plastic Fantastic Challenge?

No? Wanna know what has happened since?

Let me give you a short recap:

The Plastic Fantastic Challenge took place from December 2015 to April 2016. It was initiated by enviu ( and supported by the Impact Hub.

The challenge was to think of disruptive business solutions that tackle the plastic packaging waste problem. Plastic – at first look an incredible invention with low-cost design, flexibility and indefinite lifespan has caused immense environmental problems. Most plastic waste originates from packaging (63%), which is primarily designed for single-use and is discarded straight after. Many industry players and governments show willingness to change, but strict requirements from buyers, high consumer expectations and pressure on cost efficiency make it hard for the industry to innovate. Therefore the challenge invited Companies, entrepreneurs, academia, knowledge institutes and governments to come up with ideas to solve the problem.

So what happened next?

102 Ideas were shared on the Challenge-Website and the subject was discussed nearly 900 times. 106 project went through clustering and match-making, finally 108 projects evolved. A jury of technology, business and innovation experts selected the 10 most promising teams for the business development phase. Those Teams got invited to the Plastic Fantastic Bootcamp to deliver a final business plan and pitch, which has been presented to the jury during the final Demo Day. Finally a winner of the Plastic Fantastic Challenge has been chosen and was given an intensive Business Bootcamp, 10.000 Euro seed ccapital and a six months membership at the nearest Impact Hub. Now I bet you’re eager to know who the winner of the Plastic Fantastic Challenge is.

Drum rolls please…

There are three winners! And these are their Projects:

Urban Mining with Credits
Instead of asking a financial contribution they motivate people to hand in plastic waste. In return they will receive credits, which entitles them to a share in revenues to be realised.

Comp-A-Tent – Compostable Disposable Structures
A disposable structure, made from plant based resources that can fully biodegrade into CO2, Water and Humus within just120 Days.

SmartShare your bag – take IT leave IT anytime anywhere
Grab your phone, search for the nearest shop and SmartShare your bag!

So there you are. Fully loaded with great Ideas to reduce plastic waste. If you want to know more about the challenge then visit their website, you can also browse all the entries there:

Last but not least remember that everyone counts and you can do a lot by recycling and motivating others, e.g. your company to recycle.

That’s all for now,

Love plastic – not waste,