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Conference: The Art of creating a community

In a world in which change is happening, faster and faster, with intense challenges, what could bring stability and a guarantee to applied ecology?

Topics include:

  • different human levels of intelligence, group dynamics and education to nature
  • overview of economic systems on a social and individual level will be made
  • with little workshops and animations about meditation, personal development and collective intelligence.

After travelling all around Europe and to India to visit ecovillages and communities, Gabriel finally found and answer to his question : it ‘s the communities – groups of people, that gather for a common goal. Because there is nothing stronger than the presence of humans sticking together, consecrated to the protection of their piece of land, ethics and culture. The greatest ecological fights are won by beings who organize and share the same values or the same ground.

10€ entry (7€ students, low income)
registration via: naturalmeditation.workshop@gmail.com

about the speaker:
Gabriel Lechemin

  • trained in Inner Ecology, Ecovilage Design, animator, farmer, facilitator, indepedent researcher & peace builder in conflict resolution.
  • Global Ecovillage Netork embassador France.
  • Worker in the fields of personal development, group dynamics
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Natural Meditation

Date & Time

July 5 | 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Updated on 23 May 2017