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Deep Dive: Think Wrong, 05.04, 16:00 Uhr

Back on 8th December 2020 we (Conny & Marta) already had the chance to share with you during the skillshare breakfast pieces of the ThinkWrong methodology. One hour via Zoom was definitely too short and even though that 2 hours are still short, we would love to bring ThinkWrong back to the Impact Hub during a deep(er) dive. Note: You do not need to have participated in the 1st online session. And if you have… well, you might still be surprised :-)
Letting go of what we know and daring to think differently, does not come naturally for none of us, yet with the right method and a diverse group of people more is possible than you can imagine. Especially in times like these, which call on so many different levels for new ways.  ThinkWrong as a method is so much more than helping you to deflect from your known path and to imagine the impossible, it also helps you to rapidly test whether your new ideas are onto something and if not - stay calm and trust that you will have learned so much. Fact is you will never fall back to where you started, you will have reached a new level - one way or the other.  The session will be held in English (a good compromise between German and French :-)).
We very much hope to see you on the 5th of April in the Hub - live and in colour. Conny & Romain

Anmeldung: bis am Vortag per Mail an Lea oder in der Liste im Hub eintragen. Ort: Workshopraum Kosten: keine
Final Notes: The topics are selected based on YOUR interests, so feel free to let us know what excites and interests you! Please email our Skill Share Breakfast host, Lea, if you feel inspired to lead a Skill Share Breakfast.

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