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Falafel Pitch with GlobalMatch

Every second Thursday one of our Hub Members present their Business Idea during a lunch hour. Comfortable settings, appetising food and engaging discussion – the key ingredients to make the afternoon time memorable and worthy. We order falafel from the neighbouring Lebanese place, but of course you can join the presentation with your own lunch as well.

This time, we’re excited to liste to Katharina Jung, Founder of GlobalMatch e.V.

Katharina is a 23-year- old change maker from Germany. Already at the age of 14 she has travelled to South Africa, Uganda and Ruanda. In her academic life she focuses on (post)colonialism, nation state theories and international relations. While working for the federal ministry of economic cooperation and development she gained practical experiences regarding governmental relations with the so called “Global South.” Out of these experiences she founded GlobalMatch in 2015, a platform with the aim to connect people from different parts of the world in order to discuss ideas, work together and learn about new perspectives.

In 2017, we matched and guided 50 Tandem-Partnerships; these are 100 young people mainly from Eastern Africa and Germany, connected and trained by us, who now work on a diverse range of projects. Through presentations and workshops we were able to bring our message – that cooperation at eye level is possible – across to over 2500 young people.

Registration, Lunch Orders & Organisational Matters:

To take part in a Falafel-Pitch event you need to sign up either here through the Host or at the Participation list in the kitchen area. Falafel costs 5,00 €, – please bring small change with you, to ensure a smooth payment process. 🙂

To those who want to join the event without pre-ordering lunch, just come in spontaneously without any registration.


Interested to pitch your project?

A good opportunity to present your project or particular issue to the community and receive a direct feedback. Simply drop a line to Lea.


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Event Organizers

Impact Hub Munich

Date & Time

17 May 2018 | 12:30 to 13:30


Impact Hub Munich


Entry Fee

Cost for Members: 5,00 € for a Falafel

Updated on 16 May 2018