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How to set up meetings with great flow and motivation to get concrete ideas in short time.

That`s the topic for the Cool Ideas Society Event in July in Munich. First time in English! You will learn some warm up methods and creativity techniques and practice them with topics from the group. You are welcome to participate at the wonderful loaction of the Impact Hub.

Most of the time meetings are all the same: Nonproductive. Participants show up with a low energy level and people tend to discuss stubbornly only a hand full of ideas, old as hills.


Have you ever experienced something like that?

We want to spent our Cool Ideas Special fixing that and doing two things:


  1. Give you a glimpse of warm up methods and creativity techniques to boost your creativity. Doing so you are able to broaden your horizont and to leave old patterns and ways of thinking behind. Now you are open for new ideas and generate these ideas together instead of fighting against each other.
  2. After discovering alternative ways to generate new ideas, we will have the opportunity to exercise our brand new knowledge by generating ideas for challenges out of the group that night.


If you have a challenge (e.g: „What might be all the possibilities to travel the world in a sabbatical without spending a single $“, or „How might we reach more customers willing to buy the product“, feel free to join our night and pitch it. The group decides, which challenges are fascinating to give more input – no timidity, we are out there to help you out.;-)


As we work unsalaried there will be only a fee of 10€ each person for the room and drinks & snacks.


Your hosts will be Nadine & Stephan

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Looking forward for seeing you there!

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Cool Ideas Society

Date & Time

18 July 2017 | 6:45 pm to 10:00 pm

Updated on 11 July 2017