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Platform Design Masterclass with Simone Cicero

We are pleased to receive Simone Cicero – a OuiShare Connector – one of the most well known experts worldwide about platform business.

The birth and growth of the Platform Business Model has changed the way founders, designers and large companies look at market nowadays. By connecting ecosystem’s supply and demand in a marketplace, players using the platform model – so called network orchestrators – are growing their impact and shaping markets in the whole world, from niches to global services.


If it’s true that 2016 has been a bubbling year for platforms, it also was the year of the release of Platform Design Toolkit 2.0: an actionable set of simple and open design tools that help you start from the opportunity and end with a complete platform vision and design.

On the occasion of his Germany tour, OuiShare is supporting Simone in promoting his 7 Hours Platform Design Masterclass – a full day hands-on course that will leave you the mastery of Platform Design Toolkit and will also be a moment of strategic acceleration of your platform idea or company, if you have one.

>> A full day masterclass to learn the Platform Design Toolkit

  • Identifying the ecosystem motivation and potential
  • Design transactions and the channels to make them happen
  • Create support services to support the ecosystem growth and improvement
  • Generate a full platform vision in the Platform Design Canvas, and additional tools.

You can work in teams – with a dedicated team ticket – or alone and get personalized support in designing or consolidation your platform vision.

The Masterclass is optimized for:

  • Startup & Cooperative Business Founders looking for platform vision
  • Consultants and Managers that want to innovate a company’s business model
  • Policy Makers that want to innovate public services or regulate markets
  • Analysts and Communicators that want to understand how platforms work


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by Simone Cicero – The Platform Design Toolkit Team

Date & Time

May 29 | 9:00 am to 5:30 pm

Updated on 02 May 2017