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U.LAB @ Impact Hub Munich

U.LAB @Impact Hub Munich

The Presencing Institute and the Impact Hub Munich would like to invite you to develop leadership, creativity and  inspired thinking. Join an originative course U.Lab: Transforming Business, Society, and Self!

U.Lab is an eight-week online course co-founded by MIT and Harvard that draws on an understanding of human factors as the basis for innovation. By following it you will learn the basics of Theory U, a framework that encourages transformational change on individual and collective levels, and leads to innovative working style. The method is built upon two decades of action research, and is currently applied at all levels of business, government, and civil society to help change makers see below the surface of today´s environmental, social, and spiritual-cultural challenges, identify the root issues that cause them, and create solutions from a place of deeper awareness.


Main Objectives:

This course is designed to create three types of knowledge:

  1. Conceptual knowledge: The key concepts here are sustainability and awareness-based leadership (Theory U).
  2. Practical knowledge: New tools and practices that help people become better listeners, communicators, and leaders.
  3. Self-knowledge: The most important dimension of all great leadership — Who am I? What am I here for? What am I going to do with the rest of my life?

Course details:

The course starts on September the 10th and goes on till the 5th of November, with each session occurring on Thursdays, from 4 till 6 p.m. The last session on December the 17th is suggested as a final feedback meeting. Every week, new pre- recorded videos and practical methods will be taught through the main course site on edX.org. In addition, three of the sessions will be live and interactive, bringing together participants from across the globe and the designers of the course.

  • 17/09: CO-INITIATING. Theory U. Listening Assessment Tool, Reflective Journaling. The Iceberg Model of Current Reality.
  • 24/09: CO-SENDING Part 1. Key Principles. The Four Levels of Listening.
  • 1/10:   CO-SENDING Part 2. The basics of Social Presencing Theatre.
  • 8/10:   PRESENCING. Field of the Future Journaling exercise; connecting to our highest future possibility.
  • 15/10:  CRYSTALLIZING. Key Principles and Application.
  • 22/10: PROTOTYPING. Key Principles and Application.
  • 29/10: CO-EVOLVING. Cultivating the Social Field
  • 5/11:  GLOBAL MOVEMENT BUILDING. Feedback.
  • 17/12: SHARING RESULTS. Co-shaping the journey ahead.

The language of the course materials is English.

As a part of Hosting, Impact Hub Munich team will facilitate learning and doing environment, and especially the personalization of the U.Lab experience in order to render it more relevant to the community and thus simulating personal and professional growth.


Impact Hub members can participate freely by signing up at Eventbrite. Non-members are welcome to join through getting the Hub Connect Membership (will be organised after the first session), which will cover the costs of of space access and hosting. Alternatively you can also register to attend the first trial session on 10th of September for free.



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Impact Hub Munich

Date & Time

10 September 2015 | 4:00 pm to 6:15 pm


Impact Hub Munich


Updated on 27 August 2015