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Wellbeing Circle with Sheela, 29.11, 17:00 - 18:00 Uhr

Wellbeing Circle with Sheela

Come and join me in this introductory event for a round of discussion on Inner Wellbeing and a Guided Meditation session for relaxation.

I am Sheela from OmniCoaching and I will be introducing methods I use to help clients find inner clarity and soulful insights, be it in personal relationships or in professional setting.

About Sheela: Sheela was born and raised in Malaysia—a multicultural nation with people of various religious beliefs and lifestyles. She was a litigation lawyer and a recruiting specialist in Kuala Lumpur before relocating to Germany. Over the years, Sheela had the opportunity to live in Shanghai and in Singapore where she trained to become a regression therapist.

Using techniques from brain-based to emotion-focused coaching modalities, Sheela takes her clients towards inner clarity and into their soul knowing with a good mix of logic and intuition. She is certified in hypnotherapy, past life regression therapy, spiritual regression and brain-based coaching, with deep interest in shamanic journeying, evidential mediumship, the Akashic Records, near-death and shared death experiences.

You can find more information here about me and the work that I do:

Please write Sheela to register for the event:

Do note all my events and sessions are conducted in english.

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