The Investment Ready Program 'Encouraging Future Generations' by Allianz and Impact Hub is a unique acceleration program, tailored for purpose driven entrepreneurs aiming to foster social inclusion of children and youth in Indonesia, Greece, Germany and Spain. Over a duration of 6 months, 8 participating teams engage in a systematic review of their business model, team and strategy. The ventures will craft and pursue individual program milestones. Beyond that, all participants will be part of a multi-day workshop sessions in March in Munich. At the end of the program, all participants have the chance to pitch in front of a jury for the Allianz Future Generations Award (40.000 €).


• Review your business model
• Work on your growth strategy and investment case in a structured way
• Customised support from high-level Allianz employees and content experts
• Impact Hub Membership
• Access to the Impact Hub and Allianz Network
• Multi-day workshop in Munich
• Participation at the Encouraging Future Generations Day in Munich
• Chance to be awarded with the Allianz Future Generations Award (40,000€)


• You developed an entrepreneurial solution for a societal challenge focusing on social inclusion for children and youth in the areas of education, training and employability
• You have a proof-of-concept (you are revenue generating, revenue testing)
• You are seeking investment or funding (€40k-€1MIO)
• Your organisation is legally incorporated in one of these countries: Germany, Greece, Indonesia or Spain
• You are a purpose-driven entrepreneur, motivated to invest time and energy into this program and are willing to challenge the status quo of your business


Step 1:
You’re interested in joining the program? Send us your venture’s essence on a 2-pager or max 5 slides and let's arrange a quick chat to find out whether the program is the right one for you.

Step 2:
Submit your application by sending the fully filled application form until November 20th to your local contact person
(you'll receive the form from us after Step 1)

Please contact...

...Erika, if you consider to apply for Germany erika.eisele@impacthub.net

...Elena, if you consider to apply for Greece elena.lamprou@impacthub.net

...Daniel, if you consider to apply for Indonesia daniel.tumewu@impacthub.net

...Nerina, if you consider to apply for Spain nerina.barbosa@impacthub.net

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Developing social and emotional skills like empathy, fairness and respect through a program based on playfulness and art.

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Transforming fashion into a driver of creativity and social impact for vulnerable communities, including children and youth.

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Volunteer Vision

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The costs for the program itself will be covered by Allianz. Participating teams from Greece, Indonesia and Spain can apply for an Allianz international travel and accommodation stipend for the events taking place in Munich (i.e. the Academy in March and the Encouraging Future Generations Day in July).


Allianz and Impact Hub Munich believe that social entrepreneurs play a vital part in accelerating the worldwide adoption of sustainable and inclusive technologies, policies, and behaviours. It is the aim of the program to support the entrepreneurs in getting fit for investment, growth and ready to generate global impact. Allianz and Impact Hub Munich further aim to catalyse investment into social entrepreneurs by nurturing the impact investment ecosystem at the four participating locations. To this end, we work with local investor communities, show them the opportunities and potential of impact investment and link them to internationally operating investor networks through the program.

Local Content Partners

Program Roots

The Investment Ready Program as a start-up acceleration program was orginally developed by Impact Hub Vienna in 2011 and expanded to Impact Hub Amsterdam in 2014. Within the last 6 years, it has helped dozens of purpose driven organisations in Europe to become fit for investment.

For any further questions or requests, please get in touch with Johanna - johanna.rapp@impacthub.net