#morethanapillow with Nata y Limón
20 September 2017 - Impact Hub

Nata y Limón means Cream & Lemon, and symbolically stands for the two founders of the social business: Marlene & Anne. We are excited they are part of our vibrant Hub-community AND gaining Marlene as speaker for the Impact Festival 2017! In occasion of their recently launched crowdfunding campaign #morethanapillow we couldn’t help but let them tell you more about what’s behind their inspiring project. Read on and also get inspired by listening to Nata y Limón at the Impact Festival sharing their expertise about crowdfunding!

Let’s make this more than pillow talk! #morethanapillow

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Nata Y Limón, that’s us: Marlene & Anne, that’s Munich and Berlin and that’s the many wonderful master weavers in Guatemala. We design handmade fabrics and lifestyle products together with indigenous artisans in the western highlands of Guatemala, where the old know how of textile weaving is still passed down from generation to generation.

We believe in true beauty inside out! And part of that beauty is appreciating who makes a product and how they benefit. So, our mission is to create beautifully designed, handmade fabrics that are beneficial to everyone. The art of traditional weaving is especially done by indigenous women in rural areas, but they are the most socially marginalized people in Guatemala. We want to make weaving a regular income source for them. Reaching a long-term improvement of their living situations through their traditional craft is what we are aiming for.

We work with three locally led cooperatives that work for the empowerment of indigenous communities. With partners like us they create economic opportunity through international market access. And as we want to leave the work where it is needed the most, we make sure that our fabrics are 100% made and sewn in Guatemala.

During the past 6 months, we designed and developed 5 fabrics and a new home & lifestyle collection consisting of pillows, bags and blankets. Together with our designer Georgina and 3 weaving cooperatives we created new designs based on the ancient Mayan textile tradition. We are very happy about the fusion of contemporary and traditional design and are now ready for our first production round. To fund all upcoming activities we are launching the collection through a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. With the campaign name ‘#morethanapillow’ we want to show that every pillow, every fabric, every product has more to it than what you see from the outside.


The campaign is running from September 19th to Oktober 20th 2017. You can support us, by pre-ordering one if our handmade products for yourself, as gift for someone special or if you forward the campaign link to your friends, family and colleagues. All products can be pre-ordered at a special crowdfunding price and most packages can only be offered in limited quantities. Also, there are great Early Birds. So be fast ;)!

P.S. Our #morethanapillow campaign video we partly filmed in the Impact Hub Berlin. Hope you like it ;).


About us

We know each other from our Tourism Studies in 2005 and since then share the same motivation to work on something we care for. That is why we quit our jobs in 2015 to seek a life and work that is more purposeful. After working for different NGO’s and traveling Central America – the idea of Nata Y Limón was born. Also, born out of the passion for beautiful textiles. Our handwoven fabrics do not only reflect a beautiful combination of timeless & traditional design. They reflect indigenous culture and carry the heart, soul and personal story of people behind them. In Nata Y Limón we found a project that gets us excited, passionate and fills us up with energy in the mornings. The Impact Hub Berlin & Munich have been inspiring places for the setup of Nata Y Limón from day 1. We appreciate the opportunity a lot and are more than thankful for being part of this encouraging network of social entrepreneurs!

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