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#Eight Billion Lives Fellowship: The Story

Eight Billion Lives will be living on this planet by 2025, at least that is what the very likely prognosis says. That will challenge our status quo, it will challenge cities as a place to live and it will most… More

#Eight Billion Lives Fellowship: preselected applicants

Making an open call for ideas which aim to alleviate the modern challenges, urbanisation and food production, we knew we would be impressed by and captured in the might of creativity, ingenuity and novelty. And we were indeed! We opened… More

#humansofimpacthub: Christopher Lewis

How steel solves the paradox of our lives (at least a bit) Christopher Lewis | Samstag Rad “Our lives are paradoxical: Sitting in front of a computer all day is very easy, nonetheless haven’t we ever dealt with so many… More

#humansofimpacthub: Ralph Strachwitz

New businesses ideas: when connecting beats creating Ralph Strachwitz | Kulinado “Often people think that in order to start a new business, they need to invent something completely new. Have a great idea and build it up from scratch. I… More

#humansofimpacthub: Lydia Wrensch

#HumansOfImpactHub: Lydia Wrensch „Today is the first time I have ever come to the Impact Hub. We are working on the very first slam-poetry film to be produced in Germany and we were recommended to have our creative sessions here… More

#humansofimpacthub: Katrin Frische

Greater ideas for successful companies Katrin Frische | Frische Biografien “Almost every organisation has a greater idea that goes beyond economic success. An idea of values, of society, and of their impact upon it. Often however, people within the organisation… More

#humansofimpacthub: Alexander Steinhoff

The revolution of how you organize your links and your data Alexander Steinhoff | „I want to revolutionise how people structure and manage information. Information structure was the focus of my PhD thesis, and I think that the current… More

#humansofimpacthub: Daniel Falk

The beauty of non-perfectness Daniel Falk | eyetrip “Why are we sometimes so scared of doing the wrong thing? I am speaking from the perspective of a film-maker. Many times I have experienced the urge to control, to plan ahead… More

#humansofimpacthub: Fran Caye

#HumansOfImpactHub: Fran Caye „I come from Porto Alegre, Brasil, a city of 2 million people. Now I live in Dietersheim – ­ a bavarian village of around 1600 inhabitants. How comes? Well, when I first went to Europe in 2013,… More